May we introduce a little friend who calls Ötztal his home? Meet the Alpine marmot. Marmots are highly social creatures who live in groups of varying sizes. The rodents like high altitude pastures and they love Ötztal. It therefore comes as no surprise that Riml Sports chose the Alpine marmot as their mascot.

Marmots are vegetarians, and feed mostly on grasses and alpine herbs. During the summer months, marmots dig burrows in which they hibernate during the winter


When a marmot spots a potential predator, it releases a sharp whistle, alerting all other animals in the vicinity to take cover. Occasionally hikers can see an alpine marmot „standing“ while they keep an eye out for intruders. Maybe you too will spot one on your next hike?

At Riml Sports you can also find a marmot. His name is Max Marmot and his exciting adventures are now available an illustrated form. Riml Sports also carries Max
Marmot puzzles, key chains and memory games. 

Just stop by a Riml Sports store or Hotel Riml! Max Marmot is looking forward to meeting you!


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